Welcome to my obsession...

Inspired not by Fashion, but by Symbolism, Rock n Roll, the Occult, Mortality, History and Culture.

I have always been a hunter-gatherer, a collector of weird and wonderful Jewels and Trinkets and Treasures.

I am intrigued by the history and symbolism that can be found in Jewellery, and the Power and meaning that a piece of Jewellery can hold for its wearer, as a Talisman or Amulet - Protection from Evil; Good Luck; Family & Friendship; Beliefs; Truths; Secrets; Romance; Mourning and Remembrance; Strength, even Magical and Healing Properties.

Many of the pieces in this collection are based on Myths & Legends, Superstitions & Beliefs.

My Mother, Sarah-Jane, is an Antique Jewellery Dealer, (and total badass - check her out @saramaijewels) so growing up I was always surrounded by incredible Jewels with fascinating stories and histories.

Like Mother, Like Daughter - Jewellery obsession runs in this bloodline.

I spent many years working within the Jewellery Industry by day, and playing drums in a Rock n Roll Band by night. 

I studied Gemmology & Jewellery Design, and worked designing high-end Diamond Engagement Rings.
I eventually decided to start my very own Jewellery Label,
with a focus on producing badass yet tasteful high quality Jewellery.
SJ DYNASTY was born and named after my Mother, Sarah-Jane. 

I spend my days in my Newtown Studio where I create pieces used the "Lost Wax Carving Technique"- a slow and incredibly therapeutic method of making Jewellery! I hand finish all of these pieces in house too.

You can find me most weekends at Markets around Sydney and up and down the East Coast of Australia.

xx Tash xx

For enquiries, please email

Photo: Robin Hearfield

Photo: Robin Hearfield